Zogging was a practice of free miners. Its purpose was to maintain a biodiverse gene pool among a mining family. Without biodiversity, the families could have developed a bad reputation of incest, driving away potential visitors or trade with other mining clans.[1]

Zogging was performed by sending a male or female to another family or clan. There, that male or female would likely marry, so that they could reproduce with a person that was not related to them, as most members of mining clans and ships were relatives in some way. If marriage within a mining family occurred, clans would risk a greater chance of genetic disorders. If a family became known for inter-marrying, they were less likely to find other clans to trade with.[1]

Known Participants

  • El Cavador (Had a crew of various zogged members and had zogged several members. For example, Alejandra and Faron were zogged to another clan.)
  • The Italian Clan (Recieved Alejandra and Faron.)


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