This article is about the act of committing xenocide. You may be looking for other uses of the term Xenocide.

Xenocide was the act of annihilating an entire sentient alien species.[1]


Ender's Game

The First Xenocide to nearly occur was acted out by Ender Wiggin during the Third Formic War. His use of the Molecular Disruption Device on the Formic Homeworld almost wiped out the Formics entirely.[2]

Children of the Mind

Around 3000 years after the First Xenocide, Admiral Bobby Lands of the Lusitania Fleet attempted a Second Xenocide against the Pequeninos, and unknowingly the Formics as well when he tried to fire the Molecular Disruption Device on the planet of Lusitania. He was foiled by Peter Wiggin II, Si Wang-mu, and Jane as they moved the weapon back on to the Fleet's flagship.[3]


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