SPOILER WARNING: First Formic War plot details follow.


Weigh Station Four in the Formic Wars: Burning Earth comic series.

Weigh Station Four was a weigh station in the Kuiper Belt, meant as a resting and refueling center for miners.[1]

Station Design and Appearance

Weigh Station Four was unusual compared to that of other Weigh Stations found throughout the Sol System. As Lem Jukes described, it was a jumble of old freighters and other vessels that had once been active and were simply added on to the station as they retired.[1]

The station itself included a variety of stores, such as a Thai restaurant, clothing store, and a cobbler. The variety of shops allowed the station to have its own economy.[1]


Earth Unaware


The ruins of Weigh Station Four after its destruction.

Weigh Station Four was a source of fuel and commerce in the Kuiper Belt. Ships such as El Cavador often came to the station. Most people visiting the station were free miners, as generally corporate miners stayed in the Belt.[1]

Shortly before the First Formic War, the Makarhu came to the station with the intention of planting Podolski there in order to hack El Cavador and erase stolen information.[1]

Weigh Station Four was destroyed by the Formics with a gamma plasma exhaust blast from the Formic scout ship headed for Earth.[1]

Staff and Residents


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