SPOILER WARNING: Shadow Saga plot details follow.

Vladimir Denisovitch Porotchkot, more commonly known as Vlad, was a toon leader in Dragon Army and a member of Ender's Jeesh.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Early Life

Vlad was born in Belarus under the control of the Second Warsaw Pact.[2] He was seen as a prospective Battle School student and was accepted into the institution at an early age.[1]

Ender's Game

In Battle School, he eventually became leader of the B Toon of Dragon Army. After Vlad graduated from Battle School, he was sent to Tactical School and subsequently to Command School, where he and the rest of Ender's Jeesh fought the Third Formic War.[1]

Shadow of the Hegemon

After he returned to Earth, Vlad was captured by Achilles de Flandres along with the rest of Ender's Jeesh. But after action taken by Peter Wiggin as Locke, everyone but Petra Arkanian was released. During their Russian captivity, Vlad developed a stronger relationship with Petra. Eventually he joined the Russian government and drew hypothetical plans for war, but he grew tired of being used by the Russian government.[2]

Shadow Puppets

Eventually, he was ordered to plan an invasion of China. Afterwards, Vlad escaped with the help of Peter and the Free People of Earth, and he revealed the plans to attack China. The Russians proceeded to carry out the attack, but failed to because China was aware of the attack beforehand.[3]

Eventually, Vlad left Earth to become a colonist on another planet.[3]



  • Known e-mail addresses:
  • Vlad was one of the few characters introduced in the Ender's Game short story that carried over into the novelized version.[4][1]



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