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SPOILER WARNING: First and Second Formic War plot details follow.

Victor Delgado was a mechanic on El Cavador.[1] He is the main protagonist of the First Formic War Trilogy, and was first introduced in Earth Unaware.


Early Life

Victor Delgado was born on El Cavador in 118 BX and was raised by his parents, Rena and Segundo Delgado. His best friend was his cousin Alejandra.[1]

At an early age, Victor slowly stopped schooling to replace Gregor as his father's assistant mechanic. Victor's parents argued over whether or not Victor should become a mechanic so early, but he eventually stopped schooling all together to have an apprenticeship with his father. Victor believed this early apprenticeship caused him to miss out on important school lessons such as the geography of Earth.[2]

Earth Unaware

By the time Victor was a young adult, his cousin Alejandra was zogged off El Cavador by the ship's council. The council believed that if permitted, Alejandra and Victor would engage in an taboo relationship. Alejandra left with a docking Italian clan. Victor then resolved to leave El Cavador when given the chance.[1]

On the same day Alejandra left, her sister Edimar, contacted Victor because she believed she found a ship going near the speed of light. Victor then helped Edimar by telling Concepción Querales, El Cavador's captain, about the starship's presence.[1]

A week or so later, El Cavador was bumped off the asteroid they were mining by Lem Jukes, who wanted to use the asteroid for a test. In the midst of the attack, several pebble killers, the laserline, and other parts of the ship were destroyed. El Cavador also lost their head miner, Marco.[1]

El Cavador fled to try and receive aid from the Italian clan. When they arrived, there was only destruction where the Italians once were - a pod ship had broken off of the main alien ship, and arrived at the Italians' location, where they soon attacked and destroyed the clan. El Cavador mounted a rescue mission to try and rescue any possible survivors among the Italians. After finding the first of the survivors, Victor split off with his father and Toron to search for other survivors using a quickship.[1]

Eventually the alien pod returned to attack El Cavador. Using the quickship, Victor, his father, and Toron attacked the pod and destroyed it before it reached El Cavador. The three encountered the aliens piloting the ship, and Victor named them hormigas (Spanish - ants), due to their insect-like appearance. During the fight, Toron was killed.[1]

A few days later, Victor offered to use a quickship as a way of warning Earth about the incoming alien ship. The quickship would fly to Luna with Victor in it, where Victor would give Earth the message with all the evidence. To do this Victor would be leaving his family and his apprentice, Mono, behind.[1]

Journey to Luna

Victor grew lonely on the quickship. A month into the trip, Victor opened a message left by his parents stating that they had created a bank account for Victor to maintain a new life and send him to college on Earth. The purpose of the message was to keep Victor from becoming depressed during the sixth month long trip.[1]

During the journey, Victor's body was assaulted by harmful radiation and rays; he passed four kidney stones, and grew lonely and stopped eating food and drinking. Due to his malnourishment, Victor had a hallucination of Alejandra, who encouraged him to continue on and stop wasting himself away. At one point, Victor decelerated the quickship to check the hull for a need of repairs, and then added on an extra layer of shielding; however, the slowing down added three weeks onto his journey.[1]

Upon arriving at Luna, Victor's quickship was automatically processed in a warehouse, and Victor was unable to open the hatch, so Victor used the radio to find someone to help. When he was found, Victor was arrested for illegal entry and taken to a hospital, where he was read his legal rights.[1]

Victor was arrested for various charges. He was then assigned Imala Bootstamp as his consultant. Upon first meeting with Imala, Victor consistently asked to meet with her boss, but Imala left after a few minutes of Victor being stubborn. The next day Victor decided to tell Imala about the Formics, and Imala told Victor that he should post a video on the holonets in order to obtain the most attention. Imala then helped Victor make a five-minute video of the data, which they posted to some of the most frequently visited sites on the net.[1]

Earth Afire

After recovering from his travels, Imala took Victor to meet with the chief adjudicator Mungwai. On his way there, Victor was extremely disappointed because the video Imala helped him make to raise awareness for the impending invasion had only obtained two million views. Victor felt this number was small at that by not raising increased awareness that many people's lives were at risk.[2]

While meeting with Mungwai, Victor mentioned that he did not know the laws of Luna and that he was trying to let people know of the incoming alien threat. Mungwai felt that Victor's concern was much like yelling fire in a crowded theater, and she decided to deport him for ignorance of Luna's laws while dismissing Imala from Victor's case. Imala disregarded Mungwai's dismissal, and she helped Victor escape the hospital by disabling the camera and buying Victor clothes. Imala then took Victor to meet with Yanyu, who was a scientist from Juke Limited that believed Victor's claims.[2]

On the way to the observatory, Victor expressed his amazement at the various technologies that made Luna habitable. Upon arrival, Victor was introduced to Dr. Richard Prescott, who believed Victor's claims about aliens, but he wanted to hear the evidence straight from Victor in order to truly believe the threat. After explaining the situation to Prescott and his team, Prescott offered his services to help Victor and Imala. Prescott allowed Victor and Imala to stay at the observatory and began to arrange a meeting in order to meet with Ukko Jukes.[2]

Before meeting with Ukko, his assistant, Simona, questioned the fact that Victor was a free miner, but Prescott was able to ward off her fears. While waiting to meet with Ukko, Victor watched the press conference, where Ukko revealed the Vanguard drone to technology reporters. Afterwards, Ukko approached the group for his scheduled five minute meeting. However, Victor mentioned the fact that Lem Jukes had bumped El Cavador months earlier. Victor's comment made Ukko furious and did not allow them to focus on the fact that aliens were headed towards Earth, but Victor began to refocus the conversation in that direction.[2]

Ukko listened to Victor's evidence about the Formics and provided a place for Victor to stay for several days at Juke Limited as various scientists reviewed the evidence and questioned Victor and Imala. After five days of questioning, Simona brought Imala to Victor and watched Ukko make the announcement to the world that an alien ship was approaching Earth. Simona told Victor that Ukko was providing transportation for Victor to Midway Station, where Victor could find travel to search for his family in the Kuiper Belt. Victor understood that the free passage was Ukko's way of getting rid of Victor before he spread rumors of Lem being a murderer, but Imala explained that it was in both of their best interest to leave.[2]

Victor and Imala were taken to a hidden launch bay on Luna, where Simona informed them on the exact plans of their trip. Imala had decided to be the pilot for the 6 month trip. Victor asked Imala to call him Vico, so they could feel more like family during the long trip. Victor and Imala flew towards the Last Chance station in order to receive updates on the situation on Earth. Victor, using the university fund that his parents provided, paid for the updates from Earth. As the invasion began, Victor grew increasingly disappointed with Earth's inaction due to quarreling countries.[2]

Victor continued to rent the newsfeed as the Scouring of China began. Victor realized he did not know anything about China, and he was embarrassed when Imala offered to give him information. After Victor looked up information on China, he decided to rent a docking station on Last Chance and buy Imala lunch. Minutes after ordering their food, Victor was informed by the waitress that Lem Jukes had rented out the whole station, and Victor and Imala needed to leave.[2]

Upon discovering Lem's presence on the station, Victor ran off looking for the man. When he found Lem, Victor charged him, but was quickly stopped as Chubs Zimmons began to pull a gun out to shoot Victor. Victor then confronted Lem about killing Marco, causing Lem to initiate a private conversation. Lem revealed that he knew who Victor was and what happened to his family upon attacking the Formic scout ship. Victor broke down and started weeping, leaving the station shortly after with Imala to return to Earth.[2]

When they arrived back at Luna, Victor and Imala contacted Yanyu, who offered for them to stay at her house. Yanyu met them upon landing and updated Victor and Imala on the current situation in the war. Imala and Yanyu then took Victor to a NATO registration center, where Victor attempted to join a NATO fighting force; however, Victor was not able to join the military because he did not have a birth certificate or military training.[2]

Yanyu then took Victor and Imala to her house, where she explained the United State's attempt to destroy the Formic scout ship in further detail. Upon looking into the battle, Victor formulated a plan to disguise a shuttle as debris in order to get close to the Formic ship and destroy it from the inside, as he believed the Formics detected enemies based on their high velocity. Imala and Yanyu thought the plan would be hard to implement, but they helped find resources anyway. Imala then arranged for a meeting with Lem Jukes in order to obtain more funding and resources for Victor's plan. After a rough start in the conversation, Lem ultimately agreed to provide the facilities and monetary resources for Victor's plan.[2]

Victor and Imala bought a dumper to collect the resources for disguising the shuttle. Victor insisted that they collect more than they needed to disguise the shuttle in order to make the disguise look uniform. On Luna, Victor and Imala met with Dr. Noloa Benyawe and Dr. Richard Dublin, who offered their hand in helping Victor and Imala build the shuttle during off hours along with all the other engineers at the facility. Benyawe and Dublin proceeded to explain their plan for opening one of the gun doors on the Formic scout ship by attaching thrusters to some debris. Victor agreed to their plan in the case that the debris was built in the facilities as to decrease outside variables. Victor and Imala then began to separate out and prepare the debris for use in the projects when Lem arrived with the detonator and explosives that Victor would need for his mission.[2]

With a lot of hard work, Victor and Imala finished the shuttle as soon as Lem began to be urgent for them to launch, as the Formics had begun to attack Chinese cities. After a couple more hours of work and attaching the decoy for opening the gun door, Victor and Imala launched the shuttle for their mission.[2]

A couple days later after placing the decoy nearby, Victor and Imala arrived at the Formic scout ship after being cramped for several days. Imala opened the door, allowing Victor to leave and find a gun door on the side of the Formic ship. Victor then used a remote to pilot the decoy causing the gun door to open and fire. Victor was able to keep the gun door open with a crowbar as it closed, allowing him to go inside the ship.[2]

Earth Awakens

Victor proceeded to cut his way into the Formic scout ship with Imala giving him advice on what to do. Upon entering the ship, Victor turned on a camera to record what he saw, so that Imala could pass any information on to Lem if he died. Victor then discovered a glowing bug in the hallway, which was eating Formic feces. He proceeded to make his way down the hallway, where he discovered a hall full of glow bug nests. Thinking he could walk through the hallway, Victor entered where he struggled to make his way through the hallway as glow bugs began to swarm him. He quickly ran back, but accidentally ran into a Formic as he was removing any glow bugs remaining from his suit.[3]

The Formic did not take notice of Victor as he moved on through the ship, so Victor continued on with Imala's aid. Victory eventually discovered a room where the Formics were disassembling human debris from various battles. At this point Imala thought Victor should leave the ship, but Victor decided to jump on a cart in order to hitch a ride to the helm, and he cut off communications with Imala, who later called back due to an emergency. The formic scout ship was being attacked by a fleet of forty ships, most of which were destroyed before entering firing range. However, one or two of the glasers shot the scout ship creating a gravity field, which caused Victor to fall out of the cart.[3]

By using his magnetic boots, Victor survived the sudden appearance of gravity, but he fell unconscious for several minutes and broke his ankle. When he woke up, he proceeded to investigate the ship despite losing the bomb bag. Victor theorized that Lem sent them to the ship knowing the attack would occur in order to kill Victor and Imala, but Imala debated those claims. As Victor investigated the Formic ship further, he discovered lines leading to the plasma blasters, an organic garden, and the Formic method of providing reinforcements before he finally found the helm. At the helm, Victor did not discover any visible leader of the Formics and left his helmet cam at the helm in order to continue making observations. Victor made his way back to the shuttle with an idea on how to destroy the aliens.[3]

Once back on Luna, Victor went to Lem's apartment and waited to ambush him with a gun, since he though Lem had betrayed them. Victor told Lem to go to the other room and sit on the sofa. Victor and Imala then questioned Lem on his various actions and the Vanguard attack. Victor and Imala were displeased that Lem did not contact them, as they thought that course of action was incorrect. Lem then proposed financing another mission to destroy the Formic ship based off of Victor's new plan. Victor was skeptical of allowing Lem to finance the mission since he had betrayed them, despite any other option being unreasonable. Lem quickly changed the conversation by mentioning that Victor's mother was still alive. [3]

Lem helped Victor contact the captain of the WU-HU station that Victor's mother was supposedly on. Victor learned that his mother left on a salvaging ship called the Gagak whose captain was a Somalian named Arjuna. Victor was confused why his mother would have joined a salvaging ship, but Lem and Imala calmed his fears. Lem then used his resources to learn that the Gagak was located near the asteroid Themis, and he provided Victor with the monetary resources to contact his mother. Victor then sent an e-mail to his mother. In the e-mail Victor asked about Mono and informed his mom that he was forming a team to attack the Formic scout ship. Rena sent an e-mail back giving Victor her and the family's love. She also informed Victor that Mono died and asked him not to attack the Formic ship.[3]

Victor and Imala contacted a boy in China named Bingwen through Dr. Kim Arnsbrach in order to try to reach Mazer Rackham and Wit O'Toole, so Victor and Imala could elicit Wit and Mazer's help to attack the Formic scout ship. Bingwen agreed to help Victor and Imala once they gave Bingwen evidence that they had been on the Formic ship. Victor and Imala then gave Bingwen their uplink information, so he could contact them once he found Mazer and Wit.[3]

Bingwen was successful and the MOPs called back. Lem introduced Victor and Imala to the MOPs before they explained the mission and how the MOPs would reach the Formic scout ship.[3]

Victor decided to study the video of the eviscerated corpse he found on the Formic scout ship. Victor was trying to figure out what the Formics were doing and threw various theories around, such as the possibility that the Formics were looking for an organ. Imala convinced Victor to stop concerning himself with the eviscerated man. Victor then told Imala to send a prewritten e-mail to his mother he case he was killed while attacking the Formic scout ship. Imala promised that she would not allow Victor to get hurt, so she would not have to ever send the e-mail.[3]

Victor met the MOPs when they arrived on Luna. Victor and Lem then took the MOPs to meet the various workers who had been preparing the materials for the mission, and Ukko Jukes even made an appearance to thank the MOPs. Victor and Lem then led the MOPs to Norja Ramdakan, who had the MOPs sign liability forms in case they were hurt. Finally, they went to the Valas, where Victor explained the details of the mission and began training the MOPs on the way to their drop off point. After several days of training, Victor and the chosen MOPs got into their cocoons for launch.[3]

When Victor arrived on the Formic scout ship, he blocked the gun turrents using wall plates and then went to the bay. In the bay, Victor and the MOPs set up several electrified mesh traps. Shortly after Mazer arrived, he spotted several Formics in a shaft; Victor activated the traps once the Formics were in proximity. Shortly thereafter the Formics started attacking in larger numbers than Victor predicted.[3]

Victor, Benyawe, Shenzu, and Deen made their way to the shaft that had been marked as safe. Victor then cut his way through the wall to rescue Shenzu and Deen to prevent their deaths by the Formics. The two made their way into the vacuum shaft once Victor cut through, but Deen was shot three times in the legs. Victor sealed the holes on Deen's suit that had been hit by projectiles. Once Victor partially fixed Deen's problem, they moved to the exit of the ship.[3]

Shortly after the plasma guns of the Formic ship began to fire, Victor and the others realized it would not be turned off because the Formics had all died. Wit then offered to sacrifice himself for Imala and the technology aboard the ship to turn of the plasma ray at the helm. Victor and Mazer both said it should be them going to the helm to turn off the plasma ray, but Wit would not allow them to, so Victor instructed Wit on what he needed to do once he arrived at the helm.[3]

Imala contacted the team to tell them she was safe. Moments later, Lem contacted Victor to warn him that the two Formic landers were trying to retake the ship, so Victor asked that Lem and the other ships hold off the Formic landers as long as possible. Victor and the team then made a plan as the radiation levels fell.[3]

Victor then went to the launching bay, where he prepared several of the available tubes for launch before going to the helm. At the helm, Victor connected to Deen's helmet cam and waited for Mazer to finish his jobs. When the Formics were withing firing range, Deen directed Victor to get the right shot with the plasma gun. Victor successfully destroyed the first lander and steered the ship, so Mazer could shoot the second with debris. Victor finished it off the second lander with the plasma gun.[3]

Victor sealed off the helm as Imala warned him that 4 Formics were headed his way and then destroyed the various controls at the helm. Victor watched as a Formic burst through the door of the helm; he was hit by the door, breaking his arm and collar bone. The Formic investigated Victor before it attempted to eviscerate him; however, Imala had left her ship and killed the Formic before it harmed Victor.[3]

Victor was taken to an infirmary on a Juke mining vessel, where his injuries were tended to. Lem then offered Victor a job as an engineer, but Victor declined because he wanted to help his family. Lem had helped Victor and Imala clear their felonies as well. Imala then entered the room, prompting Lem to leave. Imala tried convincing Victor to stay on Earth as he would have more choice, but Victor insisted that he help his mother.[3]

Victor put out a job offer for 3 men to come with him to the Gagak, where they would help him outfit the ship to be a mining vessel. Victor rented an office space on Luna for several days in order to interview potential workers. Victor ended up interviewing Imala, who wanted to come with him in order to be happy, and she ended up being the only person Victor hired. Victor and Imala found passage on a cargo ship. While on the ship, Victor and Imala were contacted by the captain, who gave them a message from Lem. The message was an apology, informing Victor and Imala that Lem had provided them with all the necessary new parts to outfit the Gagak to be a mining vessel.[3]

The Swarm

After around a year of travel, Victor and Imala arrived at the Gagak. Two more years passed, and the two friends fell in love and Victor proposed to Imala. Eventually, the Gagak made its way into the Kuiper Belt.[4]

One day, Victor was investigating the damage done to the oxygen extractor after it was damaged in a fire. The oxygen extractor was damaged beyond repair, so Victor had to find a new part. Victor's apprentice, Magoosa, was impressed by Victor's ability to fix the oxygen extractor by using other parts on the ship. Magoosa then suggested that Victor should join the International Fleet. Victor declined the idea because his help was necessary aboard the Gagak, but he was unable to convince Magoosa that joining the International Fleet was not the right decision. On his way to the kitchen, Victor encountered Arjuna, who was worried about the oxygen extractor. Arjuna agreed to give Victor a couple days to fix the extractor before turning the ship around. Victor then went to the kitchen, where Ubax lent Victor a part he needed from an oven to fix the oxygen extractor.[4]

On his way back to the oxygen extractor from the kitchen, Edimar stopped Victor with a concern about Asteroid 2030CT. Edimar was concerned because the asteroid was not reflecting light correctly. Victor told Edimar to go talk to Arjuna about the issue before Victor went back to fixing the oxygen extractor with Magoosa. After twenty hours of work, Imala came to talk with Victor. She explained her concern that she should be doing more for the human race than working on the Gagak. Realizing Victor's necessity to be on the Gagak, Imala decided to join the International Fleet herself as a financial officer. Victor tried convincing her not to, but Imala ended up leaving the conversation on a bad note. Edimar then came back to talk with Victor about Asteroid 2030CT, revealing that the asteroid was now a base of operations for the Formics.[4]

Soon after, Victor sent an email to Mazer and Lem, informing him of his find on the asteroid and telling them to inform the International fleet and Hegemony.[4]

Lem e-mailed Victor back, informing him that he had contacted the Hegemon about the asteroid and set up an account with money as an incentive to investigate the asteroid. Lem showed the e-mail to Arjuna, who was hesitant on investigating Asteroid 2030CT further because investigations could endanger the crew. Arjuna then speculated that Victor wanted to risk his life by investigating the base due to a split between Victor and Imala. Arjuna eventually agreed to allow Victor to investigate the Formic base by modifying a quickship.[4]

After talking with Arjuna, Victor encountered his mother, who had just discovered that Imala applied for the International Fleet. Victor explained to his mother his discouragement, believing that Imala's application would lead to her finding someone else who loved her. Rena comforted Victor, informing him that she believed that his relationship would work out just fine.[4]

Victor then began working on his plans to investigate Asteroid 2030CT, giving Magoosa the job of preparing the quickship for the mission. While planning in his room, Imala came in as Victor was thinking about her. After Victor informed Imala that Arjuna agreed to the mission, Imala insisted that she go along with Victor as an extra pair of hands. During their conversation, they were interrupted by Arjuna, who had just received a message from the Polemarch, Khudabadi Ketkar, informing Arjuna that the Gagak was being placed under the command of Imala under the authority of the Wartime Space Commerce Act.[4]

Victor sent Mazer an email detailing the exoskeleton armor he built for use in the Formic-occupied asteroid. Later, Victor and Magoosa finished welding the final shielding plates to the quickship. Imala came in and discussed her captainship with the two before Edimar entered the cargo bay with important information. She set up a holotable with a holo of the solar system, and proceeded to show them her data on the Formic fleet's movements. This revealed that there was around three thousand Formic ships occupying asteroids, and that the main Formic fleet was coming from both above and below the ecliptic plane.[4]

While testing his armor, Imala entered the cargo bay and told Victor that Ketkar had conscripted him into the International Fleet. Victor and Imala discussed this before heading to the helm to show the orders to Arjuna. When Arjuna read their orders to the crew, they complained and said that the Fleet wasn't giving them any choice. Arjuna rebuked them and reminded them of the purpose that the IF served.[4]

After leaving the helm, Victor was confronted by his mother, who voiced her grievances with the International Fleet since Victor was conscripted by them.[4]

Four days later, Victor and Imala left the Gagak. Magoosa had given Victor a long spear to use as a weapon in the tunnels before their departure. After approaching the asteroid, Victor jumped from the quickship onto the surface of the cocoon. After analyzing its composition, he cut a slit in the surface and discovered that the atmosphere was highly volatile. Imala protested and asked him not to go inside out of fear for his life, but he went in anyway. He found that the rock was iceless and covered with tunnels before seeing a lifeform in the beam of his light.[4]

Heading after the creature, Victor discovered small metal and ice pellets that he realized were made by the Formics as they mined the asteroid. He found a small slug-like creature eating and harvesting ice, melting it inside itself, removing the impurities and re-freezing it internally. Noticing the residue the slugs left behind, he realized they were sealing cracks in the rock in order to keep the asteroid together. Suddenly, Victor was grabbed by a Formic that began bludgeoning him with a rock, breaking his helmet and cameras. He managed to eventually kill it with his spear, but his helmet was damaged beyond repair. He wore his oxygen mask to give him air.[4]

Victor saw a light on the opposite side of the resin - Imala with the quickship coming to get him. To communicate with her, he flashed Morse code with his wrist light at her, telling Imala that he would head for the Formic miniship to escape in. She flashed back a sequence saying that she understood. On the way to the Formic ship, a Formic holding a metal shard rammed Victor against the resin cocoon. After a heated fight between the two beings, Victor stabbed the Formic with his boot crampon, killing it. [4]

When he ran out of air in his oxygen mask, Victor considered using the lighter he had brought with him to detonate the highly volatile atmosphere in the asteroid, killing himself and the other Formics. However, he saw the reflection of the nearby Formic miniship on the lighter and decided against it. He launched himself towards the ship, entering the tunnel that it was connected to. As he was chased by the remaining Formics, Victor quickly reached the ship's door and closed it, sealing himself off inside the spacecraft.[4]

Victor examined the miniship, and eventually discovered how to operate the spacecraft and escape from the asteroid's resin shell. For several hours, he drifted through space before the Gagak arrived and attached a docking tube to the miniship. Arjuna entered and made sure that Victor was safe.[4]

After receiving a message from Rear Admiral Shongwe, Victor discussed the new orders to travel to an outpost four months away with Imala, Arjuna, and his mother. The four decided that it was best to follow the orders of the IF and discussed Imala retaining captainship to maintain stability. Later, despite some disagreement the ship's council voted in favor of following the IF's new orders.[4]

After the council vote, Imala and Victor had a private conversation beginning with a discussion about the Formic technology. Victor learned from Wilasanee Saowaluk that the cocoon around the Formic asteroid may have been able to repair itself due to microorganisms that lived within the shell itself. However, after discussing possible theories about the Formics, Victor and Imala discussed the future of their relationship and decided to wed in case the war split them apart forever.[4]

To prepare for the wedding, the men of the ship gave Victor their best clothes. While dressing for the wedding, Edimar informed Victor that the Formic miniships at the various spotted asteroids had begun to move. Victor took the information to Imala, who decided the information needed to be seen by IF immediately, so Victor and Imala sent e-mails to Lem, Mazer, and IF in front of the holotable before the wedding.[4]

Victor received an e-mail from Lem Jukes, congratulating him on his marriage. The e-mail also contained information about the plan of the International Fleet to attack the Formics above and below the epileptic, while keeping a significant portion of the fleet at Earth to protect it. The e-mail discussed the Formic asteroids, which could be easily destroyed due to the atmosphere created by the Formics. However, the shell was recreated by the microorganisms within days. Lem believed the Fleet was not ready to defend Earth.[4]

Victor helped Mazer by designing a battle room for open space combat and sent Magoosa's design for Stability Boots.[4]

Four months later, the Gagak arrived at Turris Outpost and Imala and Victor were greeted by Captain Mangold. They requested to bring Arjuna and Rena along to their meeting in the captain's quarters. Once the meeting began, Mangold presented the crew with the IF's offer of purchasing the Gagak for 60 thousand credits and safe travel back to The Belt. When Arjuna refused, Mangold threatened to commandeer the ship under the authority of the Hegemon. Victor realized the IF needed the Gagak to investigate something out in deep space, but Mangold didn't confirm or deny this conclusion. Mangold detailed each option that the crew had to deal with the situation, but ordered Victor to be sent separately from the crew of the Gagak in a Zipship that would meet up with the Fleet that was heading to face the Formic warships, as per the Polemarch's request. After more discussion the Gagak was transferred to Fleet ownership and Mangold demanded Victor and Arjuna to leave the office so he could speak to Rena and Imala alone. The following morning, Victor was launched in his zipship to meet up with the Fleet warship Vandalorum. He was surrounded by technicians the entire time, so Imala did not get to have a private moment with him before he was put into cryosleep and sent off for his voyage.[4]


After the war, Victor was recognized as a Venezuelan war hero and was known by the nickname "El Victor". People frequently made analogies to his strategy in the First Formic War.[5]

At least one of his descendants was alive in 2 AX, a Fleet School student known as Delgado.[5]



  • Known email addresses:
    • vico.delgado@freebeltmail.net[4]