SPOILER WARNING: First Formic War plot details follow.


The Vanguard drone in the Formic Wars: Burning Earth comic series.

The Vanguard was an asteroid prospecting drone created by Juke Limited.[1]

Design and Function

The purpose of the drone was to scout asteroids without wasting time mining to identify whether or not an asteroid was valuable. The Vanguard would be sent to an asteroid and would fire lasers into the asteroid, which would identify the mineral contents of the rock. If the asteroid was big enough with valuable mineral content, a mining crew would be dispatched to mine the asteroid. The process overall would save time and money for Juke Limited allowing their employees to be more efficient.[1]


The Vanguard was introduced by Ukko Jukes at a press meeting on Luna shortly before the Formics arrived at Earth.[1]

Ukko Jukes decided to use the Vanguards to attack the Formic scout ship by attaching glasers to the vanguard drones. Unfortunately, the attack failed, causing Juke Limited's stock to plummet.[2]



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