SPOILER WARNING: Children of the Fleet plot details follow.

Colonel Ursula Kaluza, better known by her nickname of Urska, was an International Fleet colonel and the commandant of Fleet School.[1] She was first introduced in Children of the Fleet.



At some point, Kaluza became involved with the terrorists planning an attack on Fleet School and the smuggling operations going on in the station.[1]

Children of the Fleet

Urska assigned Lieutenant Odd Oddson to greet Dabeet Ochoa as he came aboard Fleet School and take him to her office. When he arrived, Urska mentioned his Earthside origin and sneered at his application to the school. After a bit more back-and-forth, Urska dismissed Dabeet and told him that Lieutenant Oddson would take him to his barracks to meet his team.[1]

On one occasion, Urska called Dabeet into her office for what she saw as being too competitive with his fellow students. She rebuked him and then sent him out.[1]

Some time later, Urska discussed with someone a complaint that they believed originated from Hyrum Graff about Fleet School servicing commercial ships to fund its operation. They believed that this was an attempt to put the school under the control of MinCol through their funding that would then have Graff in charge.[1]

After a few months, Dabeet asked Kaluza to set him up an ansible conversation with Graff. When he returned from the call, he explained to Kaluza that a group of South Americans were holding his mother hostage and would kill her if Dabeet did not let them into Fleet School, as they wanted to attack the Fleet so they would get involved in Earthside wars. Kaluza rebuffed his plea for her to help him and threatened to confine him if he said anything to anyone.[1]

Kaluza asked Graff for a beefed-up security force on the station during the attack as a cover for her support of them, but Graff instead reassigned her along with the training officer from the station, leaving on a small IF ship. After the terrorist attack had occurred and was stopped, it was uncovered that Kaluza was a collaborator of the terrorists and was placed in custody and was removed from her post.[1]





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