• Hi, my name is Bryan.

    I've noticed that you've removed mentions of something we've been demanding for since the 2013 film, a TV series reboot of Ender's Game.

    You may have known by now that the film adaptation of Ender's Game was pretty rushed, because of the medium. Character development cannot fit into a two-hour film, as does worldbuilding. There is so much being left out for that 2013 film.

    I suggest reading through this November 2013 article on Variety. Key is that, during the annual shareholders conference call, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer speculated that the Ender's franchise could spin-off into a TV series. He could mean Ender's Game be rebooted on TV.

    So the short answer is that ever since there was discussion of TV tackling book adaptations in the wake of Game of Thrones and The Expanse, there has been discussion about Ender's Game being reborn as a TV show.

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    • Hey Bryan,

      While I too like the idea of an Ender’s Game TV series, that’s all it is—an idea. It is not in production, nor has it even been announced; it is simply a fan concept. Just because the Lionsgate CEO said it was a possibility 5 years ago does not mean it is going to happen. This wiki is only for factual information, so it does not belong here.

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    • I strongly support the idea of redoing Ender's Game (and Mortal Engines) as a TV series and I even tend to rant about it from time to time, but I think it might be safe for me to put in factual information in this wiki. I don't want to ever be disruptive on this wiki.

      However, as for the idea, I suspect the studio may have already exhausted their ability to express their interest of re-adapting Ender's Game at this time. Given Orson Scott Card's hateful bigotry and other bad political stances (anti-Obama and other conspiratorial stuff like Bush needed 9/11 etc.), people don't like him getting money.

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