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"The Gold Bug" is a short story written by Orson Scott Card. It tells the story of Sel Menach discovering a Formicoid lifeform on a colony world. It appears in Card's webzine, the InterGalactic Medicine Show.[1]

Story Details

"The Gold Bug" is the story of Sel Menach, a fighter pilot in the Third Formic Warxenobiologist, and eventually the governor of one of the former Formic worlds. When a colony ship from Earth arrived, carrying Ender Wiggin, the new soon-to-be governor, Sel decided to go on an expedition into unexplored lands so that it would be easier for Ender to take over as governor.[1]

On the expedition, Sel discovered some caves with large golden bugs, which he believed to be a cross between the Formics and a parasite native to the planet. He established some limited contact with the hybrid creature and discovered they were hungry and wanted to be fed. While he brought the food, Ender showed up and arranged for the bugs to be fed, and took Sel back to the colony and his work as a xenobiologist.[1]


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