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Suriyawong was a Battle School Student and a soldier in Dragon Army.[1] He was first introduced in Shadow of the Hegemon.


Shadow of the Hegemon

Following the end of the Third Formic War, Suriyawong was given a place of prominence in the Thai military. Although initially threatened by Bean's presence, Suriyawong and Bean quickly became friends as they trained their elite company of Thai soldiers. The two of them led their army on several daring raids. He participated in the successful operation to rescue Petra Arkanian from the grasp of the expansionist Chinese.[1]

Shadow Puppets

Suriyawong was ordered by the Hegemon Peter Wiggin to rescue Achilles de Flandres, the psychopath whose actions resulted in the occupation of his homeland. Suriyawong disobeyed his orders slightly; instead of rescuing Achilles directly, he instead slid him a knife, and told him to solve his own problems. Fearing for the life of Virlomi, whom he had come to love, he warned her to flee from the compound before Achilles arrived.[2]

After successfully bringing Achilles within the Hegemony compound, Suriyawong served Achilles faithfully, to such an extent that all others began to question his allegiance. However, it was revealed that he has served Achilles only to be in a position to betray him and cement his downfall, which happened during the fateful confrontation between Achilles and Bean. Achilles, weaponless against Bean's gun, ordered Suriyawong to shoot Bean, but Suriyawong once again slid Achilles a knife, and told him to solve his own problems.[2]

Shadow of the Giant

Later, he led the troops trained by Bean in defense of Nubia. Afterward he was involved in the Thai resistance to foreign control, and was the commander of the force that defeated Virlomi's Indian army, and successfully returned Virlomi to her senses. He later married her.[3]



  • Suriyawong was one of 3 Thai students in Dragon Army.[1]
  • Suriyawong was part of the Thai royal family.[1]


"So the colonial powers have decided to use India and Thailand to fight their surrogate wars."
Shadow of the Hegemon, page 230
"I told you from the start. I serve the Hegemon."
Shadow Puppets
"Then as one free man to another, welcome to the service of Thailand."
Shadow of the Hegemon, pages 236-237


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