Stilson was an elementary school student and classmate of Ender Wiggin.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Ender's Game

Stilson was in Miss Pumphrey's elementary school class, along with Ender Wiggin. while they were both in elementary school. He and his gang frequently taunted Ender. On the day that Ender had his Monitor removed, Stilson and his gang surrounded Ender after school. Ender, seeing that he could not escape the situation without violence, kicked Stilson in the chest and knocked him to the ground. To make his victory complete and ensure that neither Stilson nor any of his gang would ever come after him again, he then kicked Stilson several times in the groin, ribs, and face. Stilson subsequently died from his injuries, although Ender did not know this until years later.[1]


Stilson was the classic schoolyard bully. He slacked off in class and made rude remarks to Ender. When they had a confrontation, his cowardice was exposed.[1]



"Hey, Third, hey, turd, you flunked out, huh? Thought you were better than us, but you lost your little birdie, Thirdie, got a bandaid on your neck."
Ender's Game, page 6


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