Sorelledolce was an independent Associated Planet.[1]


The climate was described as tropical and the planet was abundant with jungles. The native species included fern jungles, and an unnamed "legless lizard" described to be "of dinosaurian proportions". The human-inhabited areas were described as bustling and industrial, with the average architecture was described as an odd mix of log cabins and pre-fab plastic.[1]


Sorelledolce was settled by humans of primarily Italian descent around 200 AX.[1]

It was an Associated Planet, one of the last worlds holding out against the federation of planets run by Starways Congress, the Hundred Worlds.[1]

It was here that Andrew Wiggin first encountered Jane as well as where he attended his first Speaking for the Dead. The capital of Sorelledolce was Donnabella, which had a population of 1 million, 1/4 the total population of Sorelledolce. It was home to Benedetto, the tax man.[1]



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