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The Second Xenocide was the term given to the order to destroy Lusitania made by Starways Congress.[1]


Upon discovering that Ouanda Figueira and Miro Ribeira, the two Xenobiologists of Lusitania, had contaminated the primitive culture of the Pequeninos, Starways Congress discussed the rule violations. As they feared that the newly rebellious inhabitants of Lusitania would attempt to spread the Descolada throughout the galaxy, they ordered a fleet to destroy the colony.[1]

Dispatched for this mission was the Lusitania Fleet, whose commanding officer was Admiral Bobby Lands. After many years, the fleet arrived in the Lusitanian System. By that time, Congress had ordered Admiral Lands to not deploy the Molecular Disruption Device which was on board. However, Lands imagined himself to be the next Ender Wiggin, to destroy a dangerous alien species. He used the weapon, but Peter Wiggin II and Si Wang-mu with the help of Jane teleported it back to the flagship of the fleet, where it was dismantled.[2]


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