Rov was a planet that Andrew and Valentine Wiggin visited after leaving Sorelledolce.[1]


No description of Rov has been given.[1]


Andrew and Valentine Wiggin traveled to Rov after leaving Sorelledolce. This was the first place where Andrew was seen wearing the Cifi unit in his ear that connected him to Jane. This was also where Andrew first listed his occupation as a Speaker for the Dead.[1]

Previous Canon History

In Speaker for the Dead, Rov was mentioned as the first planet that Andrew visited after writing The Hive Queen and The Hegemon. At this time, Andrew was already a Speaker for the Dead.[2]

Rov's role here appears to have been replaced by Ganges in canon.

According to Xenocide, Rov was the first human colony, established on a former Formic planet. Valentine Wiggin recalled seeing the abandoned Formic colony on Rov as she entered the new Formic city on Lusitania.[3]

In canon, the first human colony was Shakespeare, which seems to be the retconned version of Rov.

In The Authorized Ender Companion, Rov was listed as a planet that Andrew Wiggin governed. However, this information appears to stem from the previous canon in which Rov was the first colony.[4]



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