Dr. Richard Prescott was the head astronomer at a Juke Limited astronomical observatory on Luna. He was first introduced in Earth Afire.[1]


Earth Afire

Dr. Richard Prescott was in charge of a Juke Limited Astronomical Observatory on Luna. Shortly before the First Formic War, Prescott and his team noticed various anomalies, such as difficulty of communication. After seeing Victor Delgado's video of the Formics, Prescott and Yanyu contacted Imala Bootstamp in order to meet with Victor.[1]

Yanyu brought Imala and Victor to the observatory, so Victor could inform the team on the impending alien threat. The team believed Victor, and Prescott began to arrange a meeting with Ukko Jukes through his personal assistant Simona. Prescott did not tell Simona that the meeting was about the Formics, but he simply said it was the scientific discovery of the century. Before the meeting, Simona questioned Prescott on the fact that Imala and Victor were there, but she allowed Prescott to bring them in. Unfortunately, the conversation started along the lines of a personal vendetta Victor had with Ukko before they were able to turn the conversation around to the aliens.[1]

After further investigations by another Juke Limited scientist, Dr. Prescott followed Ukko in a media press conference announcing to the world the impending presence of the alien Formics. Prescott answered questions and explained the science and situation behind the discovery of the aliens.[1]





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