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The Recolada (Portuguese - "re-gluer") was a modified version of the Descolada virus.[1]


To remove the harmful effects of the Descolada for humans and other non-Lusitanian species, the Recolada was structured exactly like the Descolada but without the ability to change the biology of other organisms.[1]



Since it was physically impossible to modify an existing Descolada cell into the Recolada, a trip to Outside was required to create the Recolada. Ela Ribeira created the Recolada with her mind while Outside, and brought it back to the planet.[1]

Before spreading it to the entire ecosystem, Ela and the other xenobiologists tested if the new virus would work with the Pequenino biology by "planting" Glass. After Glass sucessfully became a Fathertree, the Pequeninos consented to sending out the Recolada. It was spread throughout Lusitania along with another virus that would kill off existing Descolada cells.[1]


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