SPOILER WARNING: First/Second Formic War and Ender Quintet plot details follow.

The Polemarch (Greek πολέμαρχος) was a military position responsible for organizing all the military forces of Earth into the International Fleet.[1]



When the First Formic War ended, the leading nations of the world announced the creation of the International Fleet, using the Mobile Operations Police as the model for soldiers from all across the world working together as one. The first Polemarch was Khudabadi Ketkar, who previously was the leader of the Indian Para Commandos. The stated purpose of the Polemarch was to organize, build, and maintain the International Fleet.[2]

The Swarm

Three years after the end of the First Formic War, Ketkar began to fight with the Hegemon, Ukko Jukes, over Fleet matters. Eventually, their differences grew until Ketkar resigned. He was replaced by Averbach, the brother of the MOP solider.[1]

Ender's Game

During the years prior to the Third Formic War, Jawaharlal Chamrajnagar was the Polemarch.[3]

Ender in Exile

After the Third Formic War, Bakossi Wuri became the Polemarch.[4]

Known Polemarchs


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