Pinetop was a SAS officer and later a Mobile Operations Police soldier.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.


Earth Unaware

MOPSTraining Comic

The MOPs training in India.

Pinetop was recruited by Wit O'Toole for the Mobile Operations Police. His first mission was to win a game of capture the flag against the Indian PCs before training with them the next day. After planning with Bogdanovich, Lobo, Chi-won, and others, Pinetop and the group of new MOP recruits attacked the Indian PC base from the air. After Lobo hacked their computer system, Pinetop helped clear the path towards Major Ketkar's office where the flag was hidden. Pinetop and the others then escaped the PC base by means of two cars and ultimately arrived back at camp using the Parvati River. They were able to retrieve and capture the flag, but did not brag to the Indian PCs that they won.[1]

For one of the training exercises, Wit guided the new MOP recruits to help free Calinga from extremists. After Lobo used satellites to disable four of the guards, Pinetop was put in charge briefly because of his idea to use a peeker. Using the peeker, Pinetop instructed the others to disable seven guards using snipers. Pinetop then used the peeker to detect the location of men within the building Calinga was being held, and he led the assault on the building. Afterwards, Wit thought that Deen had done a sloppy job as an extremist, and that the soldiers were too reliant on technology to win the training exercise, so Wit sent Pinetop, Deen, and the other recruits into the jungle with spider round patches as spears in order to be hunted down in a few hours.[1]

A few months later, Pinetop had been sent to Indonesia along with the rest of Wit O'Toole's contingent. During the MOPs' time in Indonesia, Wit called a meeting to discuss the possibility of an alien attack. Most the soldiers originally thought Wit's proposal was ridiculous, but ended up agreeing that they should be prepared for anything that could happen.[1]





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