Pendergrass was an auditor at the Lunar Trade Department.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.


Earth Unaware

Pendergrass was the boss of Imala Bootstamp and several other people of similar ranks. Pendergrass would not listen to Imala when she developed a case on possible fraud, and Imala knew she couldn't contact Pendergrass's direct boss as well. Pendergrass often racially slandered Imala. Pendergrass was also dating a woman in HR preventing Imala from taking that route of getting around Pendergrass's incompetence. Ultimately, Pendergrass was circumvented when Imala acted as a reporter that wanted to interview Director Gardona the head at the LTD.[1]

After circumventing Gardon, Gregory Seabright was fired. Pendergrass then came to Imala offering to take her to lunch with his girlfriend. Pendergrass directed Imala to a car, and Ukko Jukes was inside. Imala dismissed lunch with Pendergrass in the French Quarter after talking with Ukko Jukes.[1]


Pendergrass frequently sexually objectified and made racial comments about Imala's Native American heritage.




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