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Dr. Pavar Gadhavi was an Indian bioengineer.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Awakens.



Dr. Gadhavi was the leading scientist on defining the folding mechanisms of protein structures and often helped the Mobile Operations Police research bioweapons. [1]

Earth Awakens

Wit O'Toole decided to contact Dr. Gadhavi after the Formics killed the Chinese bioengineers, who were trying to develop a counteragent for the Formic defoliant.[1]

Wit O'Toole, Mazer Rackham, and Captain Shenzu successfully brought a sample of the Formic defoliant to Dr. Gadhavi, so he could develop a counteragent. After about a week of work, Gadhavi developed a counteragent, calling it Delhi Duck Sauce. Gadhavi then showed them the working counteragent in his lab. He discussed the potential for producing the counteragent and guns for the counteragent with them. The next day Gadhavi went to a press conference where he was the second speaker. In his speech, Gadhavi showed the press the working counteragent and explained how it worked while entertaining the crowd at the same time.[1]