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The Outside was an area that did not share the same space as the universe. It was accessible by both Jane and the Formic Hive Queens due to their expansive mental capacity; the former used it for instantaneous transportation, while the latter pulled Aiúas from there. It was possible to create anything from the nothingness once Outside if one held the image of it strongly enough in their mind.[1]

Andrew Wiggin, along with Miro and Ela Ribeira, were the first humans to travel Outside. While there, Miro created a new body to replace his crippled body, while Ela created the Recolada, a substitute for the Descolada. Andrew created Valentine and Peter Wiggin II.[1]

The Outside was later used for the transportation of the inhabitants of Lusitania to escape to other planets in the hope of saving themselves from the Second Xenocide.[2]


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