Lieutenant Odd Oddson was an International Fleet lieutenant stationed at Fleet School.[1] He was first introduced in Children of the Fleet.


Children of the Fleet

Odd was assigned by his commanding officer, Colonel Urska Kaluza, to greet Dabeet Ochoa as he arrived at Fleet School. After remarking about his name and the welcoming ceremony on the station, Odd took him to Colonel Urska's office and then left.[1]

After Dabeet met with Colonel Urska, Odd started walking with him to his barracks. They discussed the students' attitude towards Urska and Odd told him his team colors, and that he should engage his peers.[1]

When they arrived at the barracks, all the boys stood to attention for Lieutenant Oddson execept for Cabeza, who did so after a delay in a joking manner. Oddson introduced Dabeet to the team, who were surprised that Dabeet had not received a punishment from Colonel Kaluza. After some banter between the students and Dabeet, Oddson invoked the New Soldier Rule and made another student move bunks to give Dabeet one and introduced him to his locker. Afterward, Oddson left.[1]

Oddson told Dabeet to do coursework before beginning in the battleroom. He finished this quickly, and then Oddson gave Dabeet a Flash Suit and told him to practice putting it on and off. Dabeet asked why the school allowed the students' divisions to create disunity in teams, but Oddson did not answer.[1]

Some time later, Oddson divided up Dabeet's barracks into an "inside" and "outside" team to practice the maintenance tasks for Fleet School to prepare for the servicing and managing of cargo that exploration ship commanders would have to be responsible for. Odd explained after a few questions why the school had to service commercial ships at the station, and then sent them off to do the practice.[1]

After a battle, Oddson announced that Dabeet's team had won. When the losing team asked why the other team were allowed to use blocks, Oddson told Bartolomeo Ja (Dabeet's team commander) to explain the construction system to them. Ja did not know how to do it, so he delegated it to Dabeet.[1]


Oddson was a rather laid-back man, joking with Dabeet about his name and going along with the banter of other Fleet School children in the barracks. However, he could be serious when needed.[1]


  • As Oddson commented on the lack of a protocol for welcoming a new student aboard Fleet School in comparison to Battle School and used the old terminology for team, "army," it is likely that Oddson was also stationed there while it was still Battle School.[1]



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