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SPOILER WARNING: Shadow Saga plot details follow.

Nikolai Delphiki was the brother of Bean and a member of Dragon Army.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Shadow.


Ender's Shadow

Nikolai entered Battle School in the same launch group as Bean, and occupied the bunk across from him in the barracks. The two became friends, but were not yet aware that they were also brothers.[1]

Later, Nikolai was promoted into Dragon Army in a move orchestrated by Bean, based on friendship more than merit. As Ender Wiggin was pushed at an accelerated rate through Battle School, his army struggled to keep up, with Nikolai confessing to Bean that he thought he should not have been promoted so soon; and with Ender's graduation Nikolai was placed back into a regular army. After Bean's graduation, Nikolai assumed command of Rabbit Army, before the dissolution of Battle School and his return to Earth prior to the Third Formic War. After the war, Nikolai and Bean reunited and lived together with their parents for several months.[1]

Shadow of the Giant

When Bean left Earth on a relativistic voyage, Nikolai was the one most affected by his departure out of the Delphiki family, as he knew him the longest.[2]

By around 9 AX, Nikolai had married.[2]



  • Both Nikolai and Bean were of mixed Greek and Igbo descent.[1]
  • Nikolai was approximately two years older than Bean.[1]



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