Nardelli was a soldier in the International Fleet under the direct command of Colonel Vaganov.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

Nardelli was the last MP to be assigned to Mazer Rackham before Mazer left the WAMRED Space Station for his court martial. Nardelli began provoking Mazer immediately upon coming in the room by asking Mazer questions and insulting him. Nardelli even took Mazer's earpiece, discovering that Mazer was listening to information about the Formics. Nardelli then called Mazer a Formic lover and a traitor. Nardelli began to scuff the floor with his boots in order to agitate Mazer, but he stopped after he became bored and did not bother Mazer the rest of the night.[1]

When the shift was over, Nardelli reported to one of Vaganov's officers. Nardelli told the officer that Mazer did not finish his duties and reported that Mazer had made derogatory comments about the officer and Vaganov despite Mazer never talking. Nardelli then took Mazer to a health officer for a physical before Mazer left for his court martial.[1]

Nardelli ordered the three dockworkers to vacate the docking bay, threatening them harm if they did not comply. After the physical, Nardelli took Mazer to the now cargo bay so he could fight Mazer. While getting ready for the fight, Mazer intimidated Nardelli by commenting on how easy it would be for Mazer to incapacitate Nardelli, and Mazer said that Nardelli was simply fighting Mazer because Vaganov had ordered him to. Nardelli eventually tried hitting Mazer, but he was clumsy in the zero gravity environment and did not successfully hit Mazer. As Nardelli was fumbling around, he hit his head on a box, injuring him. Mazer left the docking bay and headed for his shuttle.[1]

Later, Nardelli lied and said that his head injury was from Mazer hitting him with an iron bar, which caused Rackham to be charged with aggravated assault in his court-martial.[1]


Nardelli acted as a classic bully. He enjoyed picking on Mazer and lying about his actions, eventually leading to a confrontation between the two.




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