SPOILER WARNING: Second Formic War plot details follow.

The NanoCloud was a swarm of nanobots created by Juke Limited to open an access point on Formic ships and to provide reconnaissance information on the layout of Formic ships.[1]

Design and Function

The NanoCloud was a collection of nanobots that could be given instructions on how to access an opening on the outside of the Formic ship. In order to provide a marine access to the ship, the NanoCloud would penetrate the atomical divide between the access point and have the NanoCloud open it. The NanoCloud could also be used to scan the inside of a Formic ship, so the incoming team of marines would know the layout.[1]

A second iteration of the NanoCloud was created following the original design. The second version was meant to discover the fibers used to create the ship and unwind them in order to more effectively penetrate the hull. The cloud worked on a belief that the Formic hull included some silicon in it.[1]


The NanoCloud was developed by the Experimental Defense Division of Juke Limited under Dr. Noloa Benyawe's direction after Lem Jukes urged Benyawe to find a way into Formic ships.[1]

A second version of the NanoCloud was created by Benyawe, which worked on the theory of Wilasanee Saowaluk. Wila believed the Formic ship was essentially weaved by microorganisms, which allowed for the hull to be naturally stronger.[1]


  • The NanoCloud 2.0 was originally in a silicon ball for the purpose of being launched, but the deployment mechanism for the NanoCloud appeared to block the signal from reaching the nanobots, causing the technology to be useless.[1]


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