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SPOILER WARNING: Second Formic War plot details follow.

Mustafa Shambhani was a lieutenant in the International Fleet and a WAMRED breach team marine.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

Three years after the First Formic War, Shambhani was a member of Mazer Rackham's breach team in testing WAMRED technology for use in war against the Formics. In one exercise, Shambhani was in a capsule heading for a derelict ship that was being used as a fake Formic ship. Shambhani was shot with a simulated Formic doilie before placing his Gravity Disruptor, and waited for Mazer and the rest of the team to finish the excercise.[1]

Afterwards, Rimas brought up the idea of developing a shield for use in combat to protect against doilies. The breach team then developed a model for a shield based off of Nan-Ooze nanomachines, and Shambhani drew a more detailed version for the possible design.[1]

Later that evening, news came from the Hegemon Ukko Jukes in a vid, announcing that one of the eight Parallax telescopes, Copernicus, was destroyed by a Formic fighter ahead of the main alien fleet. Shambhani discussed the news with the rest of his breach team.[1]

Some days later, Shambhani and the rest of the team set out to test the live Gravity Disruptor charges. However, one of the four cubes was faulty; Mazer radioed to mission control asking to abort the mission, but his request was denied. Instead, he used contingency Beta, where three cubes would align into a triangle. The resulting explosion ripped the test ship apart, sending shrapnel in all directions. One piece sliced into Shambhani's calf, creating a gaping hole in his suit. His suit sealed itself, but abandoned his leg from the knee down. The team was taken back to the station in a medic ship, but there was little chance of saving Shambhani's leg, which had turned black.[1]

After some time in the operating room, Shambhani lost his leg. He was sent to Luna for recovery, where he was checked in on by Kim Arnsbrach, Mazer's wife. He received a prosthesis for his missing leg.[1]


Shambhani was shown to have a slightly pessimistic attitude.


  • He was the youngest member of his breach team.[1]