Shambhani was an International Fleet WAMRED breach team marine.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


SPOILER WARNING: plot details follow.

The Swarm

Three years after the First Formic War, Shambhani was a member of Mazer Rackham's breach team in testing WAMRED technology for use in war against the Formics. In one exercise, Shambhani was in a capsule heading for a derelict ship that was being used as a fake Formic ship. Shambhani was shot with a doilie before placing his Gravity Disruptor, and despite wanting to complete placing the disruptor Sham waited for Mazer and the rest of the team to finish the excercise.[1]

Afterward Rimas brought up the idea of developing a shield for use in combat to protect against doilies. The breach team then developed a model for a shield based off of Nan-Ooze, and Shambhani drew the more detailed version for the possible design.[1]

Later that evening, news came from the Hegemon Ukko Jukes in a vid, announcing that one of the eight Parallax telescopes, Copernicus, was destroyed by a Formic fighter ahead of the main alien fleet. Shambhani discussed the news with the rest of his breach team.[1]


Shambhani was shown to have a slightly pessimistic attitude.[1]


  • Shambhani was a Pakistani from Karachi.[1]
  • He was the youngest member of his breach team.[1]



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