SPOILER WARNING: First Formic War plot details follow.

Meilin was the cousin of Bingwen and a student in China.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.


Earth Afire

While in the library, Meilin caught Bingwen and Hopper watching a video. She then told them that they should be studying for the upcoming exams, so they could go to a higher school. Hopper then told Meilin that Bingwen would ace the exam and did not need to study. After being told of Bingwen's excellent practice records, Meilin began crying because she felt that Bingwen acing the exam would cause the requirements to be higher for passing when she took the exam next year. The topic quickly changed back to the video, so Hopper and Bingwen told Meilin about Dr. Yanyu.[1]

While watching the alien vid, other students began gathering around to watch the video as well. After the video was through, Zihao began questioning its validity. Bingwen promptly replied refuting Zihao's claims. Meilin tried standing up for Bingwen, but Zihao called her Bingwen's girlfriend. Eventually, Bingwen and Zihao tussled for a second, and Bingwen left the library after Ms. Yí broke up the fight.[1]

Bingwen had brought Meilin with him so that Zihao would not bully her for revenge. On their way home, Meilin expressed her fear of the aliens, while Bingwen conveyed the threat of Zihao. On the walk home, Hopper joined them, and Meilin arrived safely to her house with the help of Hopper and Bingwen.[1]

Meilin helped Hopper comfort a two-year old girl as they searched for her mom in the subsequent chaos when the Formic scout ship began to attack ships in the orbit of Earth. Meilin also helped Hopper and Bingwen take Ye Ye Danwen back hope after he was injured in the chaos that same night.[1]

While helping take Ye Ye Danwen home, Meilin, Hopper and Bingwen constantly took breaks for Ye Ye Danwen, who asked to stop even though his bones hurt getting back up. In one instance, Hopper and Bingwen began to argue, and Hopper revealed that he liked Meilin who proceeded to blush. Hopper then left, but while he was leaving the Formic scout ship launched a lander, which began descending upon the village. Frozen in fear, Meilin stayed on the road as the massive lander crushed her.[1]





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