SPOILER WARNING: Children of the Fleet plot details follow.

Maria Rafaella Ochoa was the adoptive mother of Dabeet Ochoa and a member of the International Fleet.[1] She was first introduced in Children of the Fleet.



Maria was a member of the International Fleet when she was assigned to take care of Hyrum Graff's son, Dabeet. Maria lied to Dabeet his entire life, telling him that they were Venezuelan and that she was his actual mother. She told him that she was impregnated by an officer of the International Fleet at age 15 and gave birth to Dabeet, and that she came from a wealthy family.[1]

Children of the Fleet

Sometime around 2 AX, Hyrum Graff came to the Ochoa apartment to test his son Dabeet, playing it off as a recruitment for an ordinary student he had no connections with to Fleet School. Although Maria "protested" when Graff told her to leave him and Dabeet alone, she eventually gave up and left, slamming the door behind her.[1]

After Graff had left, Maria came back in and asked Dabeet what had happened. Since Graff had told Dabeet a lie that Maria rescued Dabeet from Ecuador and was his foster mother, Dabeet lied to Maria about what they had discussed to avoid a confrontation.[1]

Several days later, Dabeet found out that he was accepted into Fleet School. Maria "attempted" to find a way to come with him as a nurse, but Dabeet shut the idea down. He told her to take care of herself now that he would soon be gone, and the two cried together. Maria then remembered that she had been given a phone for Dabeet that she assumed was from the Fleet, and gave it to him.[1]

Dabeet asked Maria to take him to a doctor before he left because he was concerned about getting nauseous and vomiting in space. Soon afterward, Dabeet left Earth to go to Fleet School.[1]

Some months later, Maria wrote Dabeet a letter. She was given a cipher disguised as a crossword puzzle from their "old friend" and attached it with the letter.[1]

When the attack on Fleet School had ended and been stopped, Maria was supposedly found by Fleet officials in enemy custody and rescued and taken to an embassy in Havanna. However, this could be a lie to cover up her involvement with the Fleet herself.[1]


Maria was a proficient liar, and managed to convince her highly intelligent adoptive son that she was his real mother for nearly 12 years.[1]




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