SPOILER WARNING: Second Formic War plot details follow.

Mangold was an International Fleet captain stationed on Turris Outpost.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

Mangold greeted the Gagak as it arrived at Turris Outpost, meeting with Imala Bootstamp, Victor Delgado, Rena Delgado, and Arjuna. He presented the crew with the IF's offer of purchasing the Gagak for 60 thousand credits and safe travel back to the Belt. When Arjuna refused, Mangold threatened to commandeer the ship under the authority of the Hegemon. Victor realized the IF needed the Gagak to investigate something out in deep space, but Mangold didn't confirm or deny this conclusion.[1]

Mangold detailed each option that the crew had to deal with the situation, but ordered Victor to be sent separately from the crew of the Gagak in a Zipship that would meet up with the Fleet that was heading to face the Formic warships, as per the Polemarch's request. Angry at the situation, Imala presented Mangold with an agreement on her terms, that would see Arjuna rightfully compensated for his ship and his family safe in their travel to the Belt. Though hesitant, Arjuna agreed to the offer, and Mangold revised the contract. After signing, Mangold demanded that Arjuna and Victor return to the ship so he could speak to Rena and Imala alone. He outlined the Gagak's mission to investigate a Formic "observer" ship outside the solar system that the IF believed held the Hive Queen. Though wary, Rena and Imala agreed to the mission.[1]





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