Manaware was a sergeant major in the New Zealand Special Air Service.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.


Earth Unaware

Sergeant Major Manaware greeted Wit O'Toole when he came to the NZSAS base to test five qualified candidates for the Mobile Operations Police. Manaware then guided O'Toole to meet with Colonel Napatu, who ran the base.[1]

Earth Afire

Manaware was Colonel Napatu's right hand man, and he answered calls for the colonel during the landing of the Formic scout ship. Manaware answered two call during this time from Mazer Rackham. The first call asked to keep a line open for intel, as Mazer's team was cut off from all intelligence about the incoming alien threat. The second time Mazer called asking for permission from Colonel Napatu to attack the alien landers, so Manaware handed the call over to Napatu.[2]





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