SPOILER WARNING: Second Formic War plot details follow.

Magoosa was the son of Arjuna and Victor Delgado's apprentice aboard the Gagak.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

When the oxygen extractor on the Gagak broke, Magoosa and Victor investigated the extractor to determine if it could be fixed. While investigating it, Magoosa asked Victor if he would enlist in the International Fleet because he was a great mechanic. Victor said he would not enroll. Magoosa retorted, saying that Victor would be turning his back on the IF. Magoosa also said he would register for the International Fleet despite being underage. [1]

Victor and Magoosa then went to the kitchen to get a part to replicate for the oxygen extractor from his mother. After 20 hours of hard work, Magoosa and Victor fixed the oxygen extractor using replicated parts from other systems of the ship.[1]

After Victor met with Arjuna about investigating Asteroid 2030CT, Magoosa asked Victor if he could go on the mission with him. Victor declined Magoosa's request, but instead Victor gave Magoosa the task of preparing the modified quickship for his mission. Magoosa enthusiastically accepted the task as Victor said it would prepare Magoosa for the International Fleet.[1]

Later, after helping Victor finish welding plates to the quickship, Edimar Querales entered the cargo bay with important information on the Formics. She set up a holotable with a holo of the solar system, and proceeded to show them her data on the Formic fleet's movements. This revealed that there was around three thousand Formic ships occupying asteroids, and that the main Formic fleet was coming from both above and below the ecliptic plane.[1]

Before Victor and Imala Bootstamp left to investigate the asteroid, Magoosa gave Victor a spear he had made for use as a weapon in the tunnels.[1]

Magoosa helped Victor to disinfect the Formic Miniship before bringing it aboard the Gagak to ensure no alien microorganisms had survived.[1]

Magoosa aided Victor in his efforts to get ready for his marriage with Imala. Magoosa disagreed with the idea of marriage because of the potential for a woman to control the husband.[1]

Magoosa designed stability boots for Mazer Rackham that could be used in anti-gravity combat on Formic asteroids.[1]


Magoosa was ambitious, vowing to register in the Fleet despite not being eighteen.[1]




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