The Lusitanian Rebellion was an act of insurrection of the Lusos against Starways Congress.[1]


Upon discovering that the two Xenobiologists of Lusitania, Ouanda Figueira and Miro Ribeira, had contaminated the primitive culture of the Pequeninos, Starways Congress discussed the rule violations. Congress ordered that the xenobiologists be arrested by Milagre's mayor, Bosquinha, and sent to Trondheim for trial as it was the nearest member planet of the Hundred Worlds. As the only starship in orbit around Lusitania was the Havelok, it was requisitioned from its previous owner Andrew Wiggin.[1]

Furthermore, the Lusitania colony was ordered to be evacuated by a fleet to avoid any future cultural contamination. In an act of rebellion, the colony severed its Ansible connection with Congress and the Hundred Worlds. The Fleet that was to evacuate the colony was then armed with the Molecular Disruption Device, with the intent of destroying the planet to rid the universe of the Descolada virus, as Congress feared that the rebels would spread it throughout the galaxy.[1]

The rebellion lasted decades while the Fleet approached the planet, until the Second Xenocide was attempted. After the Molecular Disruption Device was deactivated and moved back to the flagship of the Lusitania Fleet, the warships left the system and the threat ended.[2]


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