The Lusitania Fleet was an assembly of 19 ships from the Fleet of Starways Congress that were sent to the Lusitania colony. Their commander was Admiral Bobby Lands.[1]


Speaker for the Dead

After discovering that xenobiologists Miro Ribeira and Ouanda Figueira had contaminated the still-developing culture of the Pequeninos, Starways Congress ordered a fleet to be sent to Lusitania to evacuate the colony to avoid more cultural contamination. However, when the Lusitania colony cut off its Ansible connection and rebelled against Congress, the fleet was ordered to destroy the planet with the Molecular Disruption Device.[2]

Children of the Mind

Decades passed, and the fleet was nearing the planet's solar system. Peter Wiggin II and Si Wang-mu traveled around the Hundred Worlds to try to convince Congress to not launch the Molecular Disruption Device. They succeeded at this, and Congress gave the order to not launch the weapon. However, Admiral Lands acted otherwise and launched it, defying Congress's orders. Seeing that the Fleet had rebelled against Congress, Jane managed to move the M.D. Device back into the flagship's cargo hold, saving Lusitania from destruction.[1]



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