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Luna (known interchangeably as the Moon),[1] was a natural satellite that orbited Earth. It was home to a large a human colony, with its capital being Imbrium.[2]


Luna had a barren, rocky, and airless surface, with city domes dotting the landscape. It was the base of operations for many corporations, like Gungsu Industries[3] and Juke Limited. Inside the domes, sidewalks were magnetic so that if one wore greaves they could simulate walking on body with 1g.[2]

Newer construction was done under the lunar surface rather than on the ground, as it was cheaper and easier.[2]

Lunar Time was based on Eastern Standard Time.[1]


Pre-Formic Wars

When humans first began to colonize Luna, they built the settlement on the surface. This required the construction of airtight domes to contain oxygen and protect the settlers from space particles. Later, humans began to build underneath the lunar surface, as to not require large domes on their settlements.[2]

At some point, Juke Limited was founded on Luna.[2]

First Formic War

During the time of the First Formic War, Luna's Lunar Trade Department underwent a scandal, which Imala Bootstamp uncovered, but the scandal was quickly covered up by Juke Limited. [2]

Juke Limited continued to operate on Luna using several facilities to build and maintain ships and process ores. Luna was used as a launching point by Juke Limited to attack the Formic Scout Ship.[4]

After the end of the war, Luna became the base of the Hegemony and International Fleet.[3]

Post-Formic Wars Era

Sometime after the Second Formic War, the base of the Hegemony moved to Earth. However, the lunar civilization was still thriving.[1]



Main article: Imbrium

Imbrium was the capital of Luna.[2]


Outside of Imbrium, the larger settlements were known as "domes" due to the shape of their shielding.[2] Each dome was typically dominated by a single ethnic group, like the Chinese or Portuguese domes.[1]


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