The Locke Proposal was an international agreement that ended the League War, written by Peter Wiggin under his pseudonym, Locke. The truce was created in order to resolve the five-day war in which the Second Warsaw Pact attempted to gain control over the International Fleet and Ender's Jeesh immediatley following the end of the Third Formic War.[1]

The Locke Proposal reached a compromise that would allow the Jeesh to be brought home to Earth and reunited with their families. However, Ender Wiggin would not be allowed to return to Earth, as he was seen as too valuable to be in the hands of any one country (in particular, his home nation of the United States). While Locke (Peter) initially wanted Ender to be brought home in order to manipulate him into ensuring Peter's success in global domination, his sister Valentine Wiggin eventually convinced him that Ender would overshadow Peter and prevent him from gaining power.[1]

The treaty was eventually accepted by the various participanting countries in the League War. The Locke Proposal also forced Strategos Shimon Levy to resign, and the Hegemon resigned shortly after its signing.[2]


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