The books of the Enderverse contain various forms of slang. Most are words from other languages, used alongside Common words by Battle School students, hence why it is also invariably called Battle School Slang. Other words were used on the planet of Lusitania, or during the events of the First and Second Formic Wars.

List of slang

  • Bacana - Portuguese for "cool".
  • Bicho - Portuguese for "animal".
  • The Black - A nickname for empty space, due to its utter darkness.
  • Buggers - A pejorative term for the Formics.
  • Crew - Used by street orphans in Rotterdam, has a meaning close to "group".
  • Dirt or dirtbaby - A pejorative term for humans who were born on or have never left Earth.
  • Dogging- Free miner term referring to individuals who marry or date too close within the family gene pool.
  • Doll Back - From the Russian word "dolbak", means someone who is a screw-up, who can't do anything right.
  • Dr. Device, or Little Doctor - A loose term to refer to the Molecular Disruption Device. (M.D. Device, hence Doctor Device)
  • Dull Bob - From the Russian word "dolbaeb", means an idiot.
  • Eemo - From the Japanese word "imo(いも, potato)", used to refer to someone who's a hick, who's out of it.
  • Eh or É - "Yes"
  • Emossin - From the Japanese slang "imasen"(a thousand things are missing), means half-baked, lousy, fifth-rate.
  • Frozen - To have one's Flash Suit immobilized in battle.
  • Hormigas- A term meaning "ants" in Spanish, which was an early term for the Formics. Similar terms are Bugs, Pembunuh, and Wageni.
  • Iced - To be expelled from Battle School.
  • Jeesh - From the Arabic word for "army", means a Battle School Army.
  • Kuso - From the Japanese word "kuso(糞,くそ, shit)", meaning shit.
  • Launchie - Someone who is in their first few years at Battle School.
  • Neh - Used at the end of a question, similar to "no".
  • Piggies - A pejorative term for the Pequeninos.
  • Pebble - A small, rock-sized asteroid.
  • Snot - A diminutive term, also means "idiot".
  • Thawed - To have one's Flash Suit un-frozen in battle, usually only happens in practice sessions.
  • Third - A derisive term for someone with two older siblings during the time of the Hegemony's population laws.
  • Toon - Derived from platoon, used to describe a lower division of command in Battle School Armies.
  • Vultures- A free miner term referring to salvagers of derelict ships.
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