This is a list of currency in the Enderverse, ordered by their use in the Timeline.


During the First and Second Formic Wars, Credits were used as currency.[1][2]


Sometime after the end of the Second Formic War,[2] a currency based on the American dollar became the official currency.[3]

In A War of Gifts: An Ender Story, Theresa Wiggin placed a "five dollar coin" in a stocking as a Christmas present for Ender Wiggin. Peter Wiggin mentioned that the five dollar piece was also called a nickel, the name a for a "long disused coin", thus implying that the currency in this time was no longer in the same as of present day.[4]

In Speaker for the Dead, Andrew Wiggin bought a starship from a resident of Gales for 40 billion dollars.[5]


In "The Investment Counselor", the Firenzette was the official currency of Sorelledolce, but did not seem to have much value, if any, on other planets.[6]

1 Firenzette was equal to 0.0014 Starcounts.[6]


In "The Investment Counselor", the Starcount was stated to be the official currency of the Hundred Worlds.[6]

1 Starcount was equal to 714.29 Firenzettes.[6]


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