SPOILER WARNING: Ender Quintet and Shadow Saga plot details follow.

Launch Group

Ender Wiggin's launch group in Ender's Game (Film)

A Launch Group was a group of new students (launchies) that arrived together at Battle School from Earth. Every launch group was supervised by a captain in the International Fleet.[1]


A launch group contained less students than a Battle School Army of forty soldiers; launch groups stayed together in a barracks and trained with each other in the Battle Room.[1] 

Launchies attended classes together for the most part, however if they excelled at a subject they had the opportunity to be moved into classes with older students. Battle Room training began several months after a launchy arrived at the school, with a typical launchy receiving over a year of training in Zero G before joining an army.[1] 

Launchies were typically around 6 years old when they arrived at the school, and most advanced into armies by the time they were eight; however, there were several exceptions to this, with Bean arriving at the school soon after he turned 5, and Achilles de Flandres arriving at approximately 11 years old.[2] 


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