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Jakt was a native to the planet of Trondheim, a respected fisherman, and the husband of Valentine Wiggin.[1] He was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead

Jakt was described as “lord of a hundred fishing vessels and master of the fjords". He was one of the most respected fishermen on the planet, and was very successful. Although she did not originally anticipate it, Valentine Wiggin fell in love with Jakt and married him, having three children: Syfte, Ro, and Varsam.[1]

Although it would mean leaving behind the world he grew up in, Jakt agreed to leave Trondheim without hesitation when Valentine said she wanted to go to Lusitania to see her brother, Andrew Wiggin.[1]


While on Lusitania, he served as an encourager to Valentine and the voice of practicality.[2]

After the Milagre colony received word that the Pequenino Fathertree Warmaker had killed Andrew's stepson, Quim Ribeira, Jakt and his son Varsam went on the expedition team to recover his body.[2]



  • "Jakt" means "hunting" in Norwegian.


"I've been trapped alone in an ice floe in a fishing boat for two weeks in a blizzard with no heat. I doubt you've come up with anything that'll sound crazy to me."
Xenocide, page 38


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