International Fleet Common (also known as I.F. Common, Common, or Standard) was the official language of the International Fleet, Hegemony,[1] and later the Free People of Earth.[2] It was adapted from American English with minor changes.[1]



After the founding of the International Fleet and the Hegemony, a common language was needed to unify humanity against the Formics. The leadership of the Hegemony decided to make small changes to American English and create a language from it, calling it International Fleet Common.[3]

Starways Congress Era

The language was used almost universally until Starways Congress was founded, when it was renamed to Starcommon and made the official language of the Hundred Worlds.[4]

Differences between Common and American English

There were several differences between American English and International Fleet Common, including:

  • 'Whom' was abolished from the language.[1]
  • The word 'of' was changed to ov, or simply 'v'.[2]
  • The letters 'ph' were replaced with 'f'.
  • Several Slang terms were added to the language.[2]


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