SPOILER WARNING: Second Formic War plot details follow.

Ibrahim was a crew member of the Shimbir and the younger brother of Khalid.[1] He was first introduced in The Swarm.


The Swarm

After hearing rumors of an expensive digger ship in the Kuiper Belt, Khalid and his crew traveled to the asteroid it was anchored at. However, the ship they found was small and worthless. Khalid asked his crew whether they should go through with the raid. Ibrahim thought it would be a waste of time, but when Khalid realized that an International Fleet vessel was nearby he came up with a plan to use the junk ship as bait. After raiding the mining ship, Khalid stayed on board and sent himself adrift to be rescued by the IF ship. He gave Ibrahim and Maja joint captainship of the Shimbir while he was gone.[1]

Over a month later, Khalid returned to the Shimbir in the IF ship that he had captured. Ibrahim assumed they would keep the Fleet vessel and ditch the Shimbir, but Khalid decided to remove all the valuable parts of the ship and take it back to the Shimbir to avoid being tracked by the IF. Ibrahim, frustrated, called the Shimbir junk and was slapped by Khalid, demanding he give the ship respect. Ibrahim left through the docking tube.[1]

Four days later, they completed stripping the IF ship and taking its essentials onto the Shimbir. The crew now had the Fleet's starcharts, which they could use to avoid their warships and hit supply lines.[1]

One of the following targets of the Shimbir was the Bajovnik. The crew raided and killed all but two members of the ship. Once the second to last member was killed, Khalid began to interrogate Gustaaf Rynsburger on the applications of the ansible. During the interrogation, Ibrahim prevented Khalid from harming Gustaaf because he believed Gustaaf's claims that the ansible was capable of instantaneous communication. After the interrogation, Khalid instructed Ibrahim on what to do with the Bajovnik's supplies and told him to kill Gustaaf, when he finished installing the ansible aboard the Shimbir.[1]





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