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The Hundred Worlds was an term used to describe the collective human-settled galaxy, or specifically the fully independent member planets of Starways Congress.[1]


To unite the independent colony worlds and promote interstellar trade, the alliance offered many benefits to member planets. Some worlds held out against the confederation and became known as Associated Planets, like Sorelledolce. The official currency of the Hundred Worlds was the starcount.[2]

To be a member planet, a world had to have a minimum population. Planets such as Path and Lusitania did not meet this requirement, and were known as colonies.[3]

Members of the Hundred Worlds were represented in the Congress, and held equal sway with other members.[4] Planets with a high enough population could apply to send colonizers to uninhabited planets.[1]



The confederation of planets known as the Hundred Worlds was presumably established alongside the founding of Starways Congress.[1]


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