SPOILER WARNING: First Formic War plot details follow.

Hopper was the best friend of Bingwen and a student in China.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Afire.


Earth Afire

After the librarian Ms. Yí confronted Bingwen for watching a video during study time, Hopper went over to see what his friend was watching. Bingwen showed him a video sent to him by Dr. Yanyu, who was a secret that Hopper and Bingwen shared. While watching the video, Meilin caught them and told them to study for the upcoming exams. At that time, Hopper retorted by saying that Bingwen would likely ace the exam and would not need to study. Hopper was also worried that he would not be accepted to school if picked anyways because of his crippled leg. Bingwen then began watching the video again.[1]

Other students came to watch the video including Zihao, who challenged Bingwen on the validity of the alien video. Bingwen eventually fought Zihao and left the library with Meilin. Hopper quickly left as well taking another path out of the library and met up with Meilin and Bingwen. Hopper helped Bingwen take Meilin home before being corralled by Zihao's friends in the rice patties. Before confronting Zihao, Hopper ran ahead to find Bingwen's father, who he then helped find Bingwen after Bingwen confronted Zihao.[1]

A few weeks later, all the surrounding villages went to the library to see the newsfeeds of the approaching Formic scout ship. Hopper helped Bingwen break into the library to set up a projector outside, when Ms. Yí did not allow anyone into the library. Hopper then watched the newsfeeds as the Secretary of Alien Affairs, Kenwe Zubeka greeted the Formics before they subsequently killed him. In the chaos that followed, Hopper went to comfort a little girl and find her mom, and Meilin helped Hopper with the two-year old girl as well. Hopper and Meilin then helped Bingwen take his grandfather, Ye Ye Danwen, home after he was injured in the chaos.[1]

During the trip home, Bingwen's grandfather would constantly ask for breaks even though he was in extreme pain when he stood up. In one instance, Hopper warned Bingwen's grandfather not to take the break, but Ye Ye Danwen simply swung his can at Hopper as a warning about disrespecting his elders. Hopper then began to argue with Bingwen, who suggested that Hopper should go home. Hopper implied that Bingwen was jealous of Hopper's growing relationship with Meilin and left. While he was leaving, the Formic scout ship launched a lander, which began to descend upon the rice fields. Frozen in fear, Hopper stayed on the road as the massive lander crushed him.[1]



  • Hopper was better at climbing than Bingwen, even though he had a crippled leg.[1]



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