Hong was a captain of a colony ship.[1] He was first introduced in Ender in Exile.


Third Formic War

Hong told Valentine Wiggin that he was stationed on Eros during the end of the Third Formic War and passed Ender Wiggin in the corridors on occasion.[1]

Ender in Exile

Hong was the captain of a colony ship assigned to Colony IX, but during their flight the governor of the planet decided to not accept any colonists or supplies from the Ministry of Colonization. With their destination cancelling their invitation, the colony ship had nowhere to go. Hyrum Graff asked the governor of nearby Shakespeare colony, Andrew Wiggin, if their world would be able to accept the colony ship and its few thousand colonists. Wiggin happily complied, and in time the starship arrived at Shakespeare.[1]

After unloading the colonists and the various supplies, Captain Hong took his ship to the Ganges colony, with a few passengers coming along from Shakespeare; most notably, Andrew Wiggin and his sister Valentine.[1]

The voyage took eighteen relative years, but was only fourteen months to the members of the crew. It was noted by Valentine Wiggin that Captain Hong had brought along his wife and children on the voyage.[1]





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