Hea Woo Han was the Director of Research and Development for Gungsu Industries.[1] She was first introduced in The Swarm.



While she still lived on Earth, Hea Woo Han served in the Republic of Korea Navy as a daewi (captain). After the formation of the International Fleet, she left the military and joined Gungsu Industries.[1]

The Swarm

Hea Woo Han traveled to the WAMRED Space Station to meet with Colonel Vaganov of the International Fleet. On her way to leave, she met and was introduced to Mazer Rackham.[1]

After returning to Luna, Mazer Rackham and his attorney Prem Chamrajnagar requested a meeting with Woo Han. She had her assistant inquire into their business before accepting them into her office. After offering them tea, Hea thanked Mazer and his team for testing the Gravity Disruptor and expressed her condolences for Mustafa Shambhani's injury due to it. While discussing Hea's military background, Mazer asked what she thought the IF's greatest weakness was. She addressed the Fleet's lack of warships and experienced crew, but Mazer expressed his thoughts on the bureaucracy that was hindering the IF's development. He then showed her some of Victor Delgado's technology that he had engineered, offering a development and production contract with Gungsu. Mazer explained that the nanoshield tech that had been given to her by Vaganov was in fact designed by Shambhnai, and Woo Han offered to give him and his family financial compensation. Mazer asked if Hea could use her influence with Vaganov to end his court-martial, but she explained that that was out of her abilities. Understanding, Mazer finished the meeting and left Gungsu's headquarters.[1]


Hea Woo Han was described to have the bearing of someone who was in complete command, all business. She dressed conservatively and had a poised appearance.[1]




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