Han Jiang-qing was a Godspoken woman on the planet of Path and the mother of Han Qing-jao.[1] She was first introduced in Xenocide.



Jiang-qing lived approximately three thousand years after the Third Formic War on the planet Path. She married the Godspoken man Han Fei-tzu and later gave birth to Han Qing-jao. However, she began to quickly deteriorate in health for unknown reasons and died when Qing-jao was about four years old. Her dying wish was to have her daughter grow up to become one of the Godspoken.[1]



  • Jiang-qing was likely named after either (or both):
    • Communist revolutionary and wife of Mao Zedong, Jiang Qing[2]
    • Confucian scholar Jiang Qing[3]
  • Despite sharing the family name Han, Orson Scott Card has stated that she not related to the character Han Tzu from Ender's Game.[4]



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