Gravitics was the science behind artificial gravity manipulation. Most of its research and development was conducted by Juke Limited.[1]


Gravitics was a way to manipulate gravity. It could be heightened to the same level as on Earth or reduced to absolute null-g.[1]

When the atmosphere of a ship was blown out, the gravitics would stop. This may imply that ship gravitics were connected to atmospheric levels in some way.[1]

It allowed for gravity to be manipulated to a point that it could be weaponized, as gravitics was a core technology involved in the creation of many weapons like the Gravity Disruptor and Molecular Disruption Device.[1]


Development and Use

Gravitics was first developed by Juke Limited in the years before the First Formic War. The first device that took advantage of gravitics was the Jukes Gravic Downmaster.[1] By the time of 100 BX, some ships and stations had begun to utilize the technology, although it was very uncommon.[2]

According to Hyrum Graff, it was essential in winning the Second Formic War.[1]

By 2 AX, stations and ships using gravitics to remove freefall was commonplace.[1]


Gravitics is a real-world theory that shares the name as the technology in the Enderverse.




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