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Gold Bug is a one-shot comic book adaptation of the short story "The Gold Bug". It was released on March 17, 2007.

Short Summary

The story begins just after the Third Formic War, when Ender Wiggin arrives on a colony ship at one of the former Formic worlds, Shakespeare, as the new governor. It follows a former pilot named Sel Menach, a xenobiologist who has spent the bulk of his life after the war in the fledgling colony working with the terrestrial plants the colonists brought along, learning to protect them from parasites and helping them to adapt to the climate patterns of the new world. Eventually, he is elected governor, until a replacement arrives - Ender Wiggin. Due to the technical aspects of relativistic space travel, fourteen-year-old Ender finds himself in charge of a colony that has existed for decades without him, and many of the younger colonists resent the fact that the International Fleet has sent a "mere child" to be their governor. But the older generation, comprised of former pilots and soldiers who fought under Ender's command during the war, ensures that the younger colonists know that this is the mind who made everything possible. Upon Ender's arrival, Sel realizes that there is still much to learn about the rest of Shakespeare, and explores past the reaches of the colony and see what lies beyond in the cold lands of the south. But what Sel finds in his journey is something that may change the way the Formics are understood by human scientists... and something that may give him a lifetime of new frontiers to explore.

Detailed Summary

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