SPOILER WARNING: First Formic War plot details follow.


A glaser in the Formic Wars: Burning Earth comic series.

The Glaser was a laser mining device developed by Juke Limited.[1]

Design and Function

The glaser utilized Gravitics in the form of a laser, meant to destroy asteroids using gravity for the purpose of mining.[1]

In Formic Wars: Burning Earth, the glaser is cone-shaped with a red bottom and a metallic barrel.[2]


Earth Unaware

The glaser, a portmanteau of the words gravity and laser, was developed before the First Formic War by Juke Limited along with their other gravity-related innovations. The glaser was meant as a tool to extract the metals from asteroids faster than conventional mining.[1]

The mining device was taken to the Kuiper Belt by Lem Jukes. The purpose was to test the device in secret, so that other corporations or free miners would not learn of its existence. The chief engineer, Richard Dublin, was taking too long in testing the glaser, so Lem promoted Dr. Noloa Benyawe to be in charge of the testing instead.[1]

Lem was inpatient in testing the glaser in increments as originally decided, so he decided to bump the free miner ship El Cavador off the asteroid they were mining, since it was much larger and the next asteroid of similar size was 8 months away. When the glaser was used on this asteroid, the wave of tidal forces nearly destroyed the Makarhu.[1]

On Weigh Station Four, some individuals learned of the existence of the glaser from Dr. Dublin. They then went on to try and threaten Lem Jukes into giving them the glaser as repayment for past deeds done to them by Juke Limited.[1]

Earth Awakens

Despite Lem's protests, Ukko Jukes developed a fleet of Vanguard drones, which carried glasers. The fleet was meant to attack and destroy the Formic scout ship above Earth, but only three of the glasers flew close enough to the scout ship to fire before they were destroyed. The failed attack ultimately caused Juke Limited's stock to plummet.[3]



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